Selected from our Collection

  • Booklamps

    Atlas Book Lamp

    The Atlas booklamp is handmade from a real Atlas book which has been sculpted into a poetic and functional light object.

  • Billbirdhouses

    Billbirdhouse Red & Blue

    Eye catching colourful birdhouses made from reclaimed billboards collected in the area of the artist. These nestboxes are extremely sustainable and birds love to nest in them!

  • Booklamps

    Equinox Atlas Lamp

    The Equinox wall booklamp is made from a recycled world atlas. It can be used as a wall lamp or as a table lamp.

  • Penman


    The Penman is made from a used vinyl record transformed into a cool stationary holder, a great eyecatcher and conversation piece for on your desk.

  • Sea-Lamps

    Sea-lamp New York

    This Sea-lamp is a hanging lamp made from a real navigation map of New York which has been transformed into a fabulous and functional light object.

  • Comic Lamps

    Sylvester & Tweety – comic book ...

    This WHAM! Comic Book Lamp is a hanging lamp made from a real Sylvester & Tweety used comic which have been transformed into a fabulous and functional light object. Each lamp is unique and made from a different comic book.

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Custom interior Projects

Michael also makes special lamps on private request or business related interior lighting projects for restaurants, hotels, etc. His new and exciting creations are displayed in art and design exhibitions. These lamps are sold exclusively Read more…

Products with Character

Designed and made by Michael Bom in Holland