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bomdesign booklamps discount

book lamp rotterdam artist flagship hotel catering sector store bomdesign lighting

Impression with book lamps in a restaurant setting.

book lamp artist flagship retail store bomdesign Michael Bom

Interior impression with book lamps in a retail setting.

Bomdesign Michael Bom Globe booklamp upcycled atlas lamp

The Globe booklamp in a residential setting.

SwanMarket 11 december – Van Nelle Factory – Rotterdam

swan market van nelle factory 11 december

This Sunday Michael Bom’s Book lamps will be promoted at the SwanMarket in the Van Nelle Factory in Rotterdam. From 11 till 17.00.

Handmade Sculptural lamps made from books by Michael Bom

Artist-designer Michael Bom has been hand sculpting these book lights since 2004 from his studio in Rotterdam.

These lamps display his ability to create poetic yet beautiful functional objects.

Michael also makes special lamps on private request or business related interior lighting projects for restaurants, hotels, etc.

His new and exciting creations are displayed in art and design exhibitions. These lamps are sold exclusively via this website.


michael bom maastunnel
Maastunnel Exhibition
Michael Bom exhibits objects, paintings and photographs with The Maastunnel as his subject matter.

Address: Wijn aan de Kade, Admiraliteitskade 80, Rotterdam.


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