Luce Book Lamp

The Luce was for Michael Bom the logical step after the Atlas Book Lamp to realize a wall version.This lamp is created from a used reading book which has been sculpted into a lamp which is functional and beautiful to look at. It can be used as a wall lamp or as a table lamp.

Michael Bom started out creating these booklamps in 2004. These sculptural light objects display his ability to create poetic yet totally functional objects.

The lamp is designed to be used with an energy saving light bulb, therefore there is no risk of fire and it is better for the environment.

Contact us for current prices, and shipping costs. A custom box can be made to transport the lamp safely to locations worldwide.

Dimensions approx: d 17 x w 39 x h 21 cm (6.7 x 15.4 x 8.3″) depending from which book it is made.

Price Luce Book Lamp € 355,-


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