Sea Maps at Hotel Pincoffs in Rotterdam

Hotel Pincoffs – Rotterdam

Hotel Pincoffs invited Bomdesign to design new lamps for their Art Suite. Located on the historic waterfront of Rotterdam, Suitehotel Pincoffs is situated in a beautiful 19th century customs house.
Making use of redundant sea navigation charts Bomdesign created these two large glowing sculptural hanging lamps which are a real eye catcher in this interior. For questions about ordering these lamps please email us.

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luce book lamp rotterdam recycle upcycle

Luce Book Lamp

Luce Book recycled Lamp

The Luce booklamp was Bomdesign’s first wall lamp in the booklamp series. They started creating these booklamps in 2004 and have since continued to make new versions. These sculptural light objects display their ability to create products with attention to the fine details.Read more…

Typo chair upcycled design Rotterdam

Typo Chair

The Typo chair was the first chair designed by Bomdesign. In designing the chair they researched vintage and functional designs searching for an archiac shape of the chair. Inspired by chair designs from Gerrit Rietveld, Wim Rietveld and Friso Kramer they created the Typo chair using only a minimal amount of materials. Bomdesign transforms the billboards to make each chair into a unique and abstract typographic design. Typo chair recycled billboards design

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Penman sustainable vinyl record pen holder


The Penman is a cool stationary holder, a great eyecatcher and conversation piece for on your desk. The Penman was born in a totally accidental moment. It has become one of Bomdesign’s icons which has been fabricated more than 1000 times. It is still being made by us with twenty fingers. It is made from used vinyl records which we collect from our direct environment.IMG_2441bkl2Read more…