The Billbirdhouse was Bomdesign’s first endeavour at making products with billboards.vBomdesign has transformed the billboards to make each billbirdhouse into a unique and abstract typographic design.

Billbirdhouse is a nest box made from recycled typographic billboards. Designed by Michael Bom in Rotterdam.These billbirdhouses have been made out of reused Finnish birch multiplex billboards. The perches are made from found handles. The side of the birdhouse can easily be opened to clean the nest box.

These nests are frequented by great tits (Paridae) or other finches of a similar size.

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For questions about custom requests email: shopDimensions:
d 20 x w 17 x h 44 cm

(7.8 x 6.7 x 17.3 inches)



Billbirdhouse multicoloured recycle nest boxIMG_5355b


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