The Bosatlas. The art of omission.
11 May to 27 October 2019

A unique exhibition has been created through the collaboration between the Graphic  museum GRID , Noordhoff Uitgevers and the National Education Museum and combining their various expertise areas.

Included in the exhibition is a Atlas and Equinox booklamp made by Bomdesign from a Bosatlas.

The reputation of the Bosatlas is enormous, and extends far beyond the walls of the school. But who was Pieter Roelf Bos and what motivated him to map the world? How are maps made, then and now, and what story do they tell? And how is it possible that this standard school textbook has managed to maintain itself for almost 150 years?
“The Bosatlas. The art of omission “shows the story behind this cultural heritage. Visit the exhibition and get to know Pieter Roelf Bos, the name giver of this icon, and get to know graphic Groningen in 1877. Walk along the boundaries of educational eras and printing techniques. In short, step into the world of De Bosatlas!

Geography education has had many developments since 1877, and you can see it in the atlas. First, topography is central, then thematic maps. Pieter Roelf Bos introduces in his atlas the phenomenon of the “leather-shinning carts”. “The art of omission” is a unique and revolutionary insight that is still an important guideline for the editors of the Bosatlas to this day in the development of maps and atlases.

The material specially developed for the exhibition for children of primary school age makes ‘De Bosatlas. The art of omission ’is ideal for a family outing.



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