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Eye catching recycled colourful birdhouses extremely sustainable and birds love to nest in them!

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Eye catching colourful birdhouses made from reclaimed billboards collected in the area of the artist. This nestboxes are extremely sustainable and the birds love to nest in them!

Bomdesign handcrafts these billbirdhouses in their studio in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Each bird house is unique with it’s own typographic design and the touch of the artist.

These nests are frequented by great tits (Paridae), sparrows or other finches of a similar size. The side of the birdhouse can be opened to clean the nest box.

A great present for any bird lover.

Fans have said “in just two weeks I already had lodgers in the billbirdhouse”

The billbirdhouses have been exhibited and sold at the following venues:
Colette – Paris, GesamtGallerie – Rotterdam, Frozen Fountain – Amsterdam, Strand West – Utrecht, Studio Hergebruik – Rotterdam, Reformschool – Los Angeles, Design Center De Winkelhaak – Antwerpen, CO – Montreal, Narata – Bilbao.

Reused durable upcycled Finnish birch multiplex billboards.
Perches are made from found handles.

Specifications excluding handle:
Dimensions: 20 x 17 x 44 cm (7.8 x 6.7 x 17.3 inches)

The billbirdhouses can be shipped worldwide or picked up in Rotterdam.