Sea Maps at Hotel Pincoffs in Rotterdam

Hotel Pincoffs – Rotterdam

Hotel Pincoffs invited Bomdesign to design new lamps for their Art Suite. Located on the historic waterfront of Rotterdam, Suitehotel Pincoffs is situated in a beautiful 19th century customs house.
Making use of redundant sea navigation charts Bomdesign created these two large glowing sculptural hanging lamps which are a real eye catcher in this interior. For questions about ordering these lamps please email us.

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Sea Lamps Michael Bom Hotel New York Rotterdam

Sea-Lamps at Hotel New York Rotterdam

In the reception of Hotel New York in Rotterdam three special lamps by the Rotterdam designer-artist’s from Bomdesign are hanging. The lamps are made from real sea charts. Especially for HNY, Bomdesign made these lamps with sea charts from the ports of Rotterdam and New York.

Sea Lamps Bomdesign Hotel New York Rotterdam

The lamps are handmade by Bomdesign using special materials that they choose for their unique character or appearance.

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book lamps rotterdam

Custom interior Projects

Bomdesign also makes special lamps on private request or business related interior lighting projects for restaurants, hotels, etc.
Their new and exciting creations are displayed in art and design exhibitions. These lamps are sold exclusively via this website.

Bomdesign also makes custom lamps for interior projects. Contact us if you want to collaborate on a project.

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